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Edith Ann Moore is a leader you can trust; She has proven her committment to the community repeatedly for over 30 years. Edith has been there for her friends and neighbors standing beside them to right wrongs, combat injustices and increase ecomic opportunities for the community in which she lives... Now she needs your support. The Friends to Elect Edith A Moore is asking for you to join us in our efforts to return Minister Moore to the Shelby County Commission for District 6.

As an appointed commissioner in 2010, Edith worked with the community leaders, fellow commissioners and the citizens to make her district better for everybody. She stands-up for the average person not just the ones with money or a well-known name. And know she has answered the call to run for the newShelby County, District 6. Help elect her as the new Shelby County Commissioner and you will elect someone with principles not promises!

This will not be an easy campaign to run. We will require a lot of fund raising to ensure our message is heard by all the voters of District 6.  Please help with any donation you can make: $10, $25, $50, $100, or more. You can also:

* Request a yard sign

* Volunteer to "door knock"

* Host a fundraiser/ meet and greet

* Say a prayer for our success

Any and all support is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for helping to return Minister Edith Ann Moore to the Shelby County Commission for District 6.

Please find our contact information here

Upcoming Events

February 22

Campaign Headquarters Kick-Off Party
Raleigh Springs Mall
(at the main mall entrance on the left)

May 6

2014 Shelby County Primary(if called)
Click here to find your voting place
All Day

August 7

2014 Shelby Co General Election
Click here to find your voting place
All Day

Commission Calendar
Stay Informed

Regular Commission Meeting
160 N. Main Street - Suite 450